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True and Fiction about dating Ukraine and Russian girls

Many men from all over the world dream to find nice Ukrainian or Russian girl for marriage and making a family with. It’s true that Ukraine women are special in their own unique way. They are known as attractive, highly educated and deep personality persons. These things make them very catchy for the men from abroad counting them as partners for successful marriage. But also many fiction things about the process of creating the distant relationship and, in particular, dating Ukraine singles exist. Certainly if a man is seriously seeking for a marriage, he should think about and consider many things.

The main mistake is that all Ukraine girls are slim, attractive, with long legs and blonde hair. TV and Internet resourses make the picture that all women from Ukraine are more beautiful than any other girls. Unfortunately this is pretty nice fairy tale. Being in Ukraine is possible to see many beautiful women, but also women with some extra weight, who are not very stylish and good cared of themselves. The same like in any country in the world. If a man thinks that woman’s appearance is a top priority in his search, so he must pay attention to the lifestyle the woman leads. If she eats healthy food, goes to gym regularly, cares about her clothes, this lady will stay attractive and slim for a long time. But if he seeks for a woman with beautiful appearance only because of her young age, who is not caring of herself with sports and balanced food, probably in a couple of years, this man will face a situation when his wife obtain extra weight, fading skin and weak hair.

Another myth tells that all Ukraine women want to be married, make a family and then stay at home being housewives. In real, many Ukrainian girls do not mind working and having a career. Generally, three types of women exist: women definitely prefer to be a housewife and women definitely prefer working and not staying at home. The third type is girls that agree to work if necessary but also don’t mind being a housewife. Their decision would base upon the economic situation of their own family. If man has any preferences about this matter, they definitely should be discussed during the process of dating and before making the final step.

Third illusion is that all single Ukraine girls look for marriage with a man from abroad only for another country’s citizenship. At the beginning family life is looks like a fairy tale but as soon as they get it, they leave their husbands and divorce. That is not true at all. There is an old saying in Ukraine that woman would never leave man if he is a good one. Expecting trustworthy, loving and caring partner the man should carry the same traits. No woman will endure bad behavior or when she is treated like a trophy. To be able to make strong and long-last relationship both partners should work hard on it. Mutual love, care, respect and understanding are the keys for any happy relationship. If the man is a true gentleman, always showing his appreciation and treating woman the way he wants to be treated, the relationship will grow and get stronger.

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